Users can either download the VMware Workspace ONE application from their device app store or administrators can configure AirWatch to push the application as a public app to devices that are under mobile device management (MDM) with AirWatch.

For devices that are not managed by AirWatch, users can download and install Workspace ONE from their device app store. After they sign into Workspace ONE they can access Web and SaaS apps that are entitled to them.

For managed devices, you can deploy Workspace ONE from the AirWatch admin console to specific groups and users within your organization. The following steps are to push Workspace ONE as a public app using the AirWatch admin console.


For detailed information on configuring public apps in AirWatch, see the AirWatch Mobile Application Management (MAM) Guide, available from the Resources Portal at

If you are planning to push Workspace ONE from the AirWatch admin console, prepare Smart Groups of end users that are entitled to Workspace ONE.


In the AirWatch admin console, navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Public, and select Add Application.


Select the platform, either iOS, Android, or Windows.


Select Search App Store, and in the Name field enter Workspace ONE as the key word to find VMware Workspace ONE in the App Store.


Choose Next, and use Select to upload the VMware Workspace ONE app from the App Store Result page.


Configure the assignment and deployment options for Workspace ONE users in the following tab settings.




Enter and view information concerning supported device models, ratings, and categories.


Assign Workspace ONE to smart groups of end-users that can use the Workspace ONE app on their device.


Configure availability and advanced enterprise mobility management (EMM) features, if applicable.

To automatically configure managed applications, enable Send Application Configuration and enter the App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE) key value pairs. See AirWatch App Configuration for Enterprise Key Value Pairs.

Terms of Use

Enable Terms of Use to require users to accept the terms of use before using Workspace ONE.


Select Save & Publish to make the application available to users.

Complete these steps for each supported platform.