When users sign in to Workspace ONE, the first page that appears is the Launcher page. The Launcher page displays the Web apps that are ready to access and use from Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE App Launcher Page

Users can long press on an app icon to see more information about the app and to mark the app as a favorite.

The Show drop-down menu lets users select the category of apps that display on the Launcher page, including the apps that are favorites in the Favorites category.

Select Apps by Category

Applications that are available to users are displayed in the Catalog page. Users tap Add on an app icon to add the app to the Launcher page. They can long press the app icon for information about the app, the categories to which the app applies, and the app version.

When native apps are added to the device, they are added directly to the device's home screen. They do not appear in the Workspace ONE Launcher page.

Users tap a Web app icon on the Launcher page to open it in the browser.