You can add a logo, change the background colors and add images to customize the end user's Web view from the browser and from their mobile and tablet devices.


In the VMware Identity Manager administration console Catalogs tab, select Settings > User Portal Branding.


Edit the settings in the form as appropriate.


Some settings on the User Portal Branding page are no longer used. If a setting is not listed in this table, that setting is not used and cannot be customized.

Form Item



Add a logo to be the banner image at the top of the admin console and user's app portal Web pages.

The maximum size of the image is 220 x 40 px. The format can be JPEG, PNG or GIF.

Portal (Web View)

Background Color

The color that displays for the background of the Web portal screen.

Enter a new six-digit hexadecimal color code over the existing one to change the background color. The background color changes in the app portal preview screen when you type in a new color code. However, if an image is added, the background color might not be visible in the preview.

Select Background Highlight to accent the background color. If this is enabled, browsers that support multiple background images show the overlay in the launcher and catalog pages.

Select Background Pattern to set the predesigned triangle pattern in the background color.

Name and Icon Color

You can select the text color for names listed under the icons on the app portal pages.

Enter a hexadecimal color code over the existing one to change the font color.

Lettering effect

Select the type of lettering to use for the text on the user's portal screens.

Image (Optional)

To add an image to the background on the app portal screen instead of a color, upload an image.

Portal (Mobile and Tablet Views)

Title bar color

This is the background color of the banner. Enter a six-digit hexadecimal color code over the existing one to change the title bar color viewed from the user's app portal or mobile device.

Select Title Bar pattern to set the predesigned triangle pattern in the title bar color.

Title color

Enter a six-decimal hexadecimal color code over the existing one to change the text color used in the title bar heading.

Use the same values for both the Launcher and the Catalog

If you want to use the same branding design for the App Center screen view as used for the user's portal screen view on mobile devices, check this box. If you want to design the App Center screen differently, leave this box unchecked and configure the background, title bar color and title color for the App Center screen.

First-Time User Tour

First-Time User Tour

The first time user tour is not available.


Click Save.

Custom branding updates are refreshed every 24 hours for the user portal. To push the changes sooner, as the administrator, open a new tab and enter this URL, substituting your domain name for https://<myco.example>.com/catalog-portal/services/api/branding?refreshCache=true.

Check the appearance of the branding changes in the various interfaces.