vCenter Hyperic populates the fields of the tc Runtime configuration pages from the its configuration files.

The files include:







Each configuration page includes a Save button for saving the changes made in the user interface to the tc Runtime configuration files. If you try to navigate to a different page without saving your updates, vCenter Hyperic asks you if you want to leave the page and lose these updates.

When you save your changes, a window labeled Changes have been made locally is displayed until you either

Click Push- this writes the configuration changes you have made to the appropriate tc Runtime configuration file (such as server.xml). If you push the changes, vCenter Hyperic overwrites the existing configuration after saving a backup of the configuration as it was before the changes. Most saved changes to the tc Runtime configuration require a server restart to take effect.vCenter Hyperic flags these cases and provides a link to restart the tc Runtime.

Click Undo - this reverts all changes that have been made since the last push or undo.

If you update tc Runtime configuration settings from the vCenter Hyperic user interface, do not manually update the tc Runtime configuration files at the same time. vCenter Hyperic clears its local memory and reloads the configuration files upon certain events, not continuously.