There are various descriptors that Model MBeans must expose to enable a vCenter Hyperic agent to discover and manage Java application resources.

vCenter Hyperic translates ModelMBeanInfo into service metadata, ModelMBeanAttributeInfo into a custom property or metric metadata, and ModelMBeanOperationInfo into control action metadata.

All MBean instances with the same type must have the same attributes, metrics, and operations. If the metadata for a service type changes, the type will be updated in vCenter Hyperic and any existing service instances will be deleted and redeployed.

A service type cannot be deleted from vCenter Hyperic.

An ModelMBean's ObjectName must have this format:




The name of the application that contains the resource. If defined, forms a portion of the service name in vCenter Hyperic. Application is optional in the objectname.


The vCenter Hyperic service type for the resource. When vCenter Hyperic creates the service to add to inventory, this is the service type that it will be assigned. The value of type also forms a portion of the service name in vCenter Hyperic. Type is mandatory in the objectname.


An identifier that forms a portion of the name of the service in vCenter Hyperic. The service name also includes: name of the platform on which the service runs, the value of application if specified, and the vCenter Hyperic server type on which the service runs. The order in which these components are concatenated into a name varies according to the type of server on which the service runs. Name is mandatory in the objectname.

For an MBean whose ObjectName is:


the vCenter Hyperic agent creates a service in vCenter Hyperic for which:

Service type is MessageListener

Name is Platform Name Apache Tomcat 6.0 swf-booking-mvc bookingMessageListener MessageListener