To discover the Weblogic administration server, the vCenter Hyperic agent must run under an account with permissions that allow it to obtain the administration server's process arguments, and its current working directory.


On Unix-based platforms, ensure that the vCenter Hyperic agent has the permissions it needs by running one of the following:

Run the vCenter Hyperic agent as the same user id that runs the Administration Server.

Run the vCenter Hyperic agent as root.

After the agent has discovered the Administration Server, it no longer needs the permissions required for process discovery. (The agent uses JMX to discover the Weblogic managed servers.)


After discovery of the admin server, update the permissions to the vCenter Hyperic agent directory. As superuser, run the following command in the agent directory:

chown user -R

where user is the username you will use to run the agent, for example, hqadmin.


If you cannot run the agent as the Administration Server user or as root, follow the directions in Add Administration Server Manually .