This section explains the network device's auto-discovery function.

The netdevice plugin discovers each interface on the device, and creates a platform service of type "Network Device Interface" for each. The plugin discovers the values of the following properites for each interface.

IP Address


Maximum Transmission Unit

Physical Address - macaddress

Bandwidth - Interface speed

Interface Name

The name of a Network Device Interface resource is formed by concatenating the following resource data:

The parent Network Device's Fully Qualified Domane Name.

The Network Device Interface's Interface Name.

The string "Interface".

The Network Device Interface's Physical Address.

For example, this name: bgroup0/0 Interface (0:23:9c:81:10:e).

The Parent Network Device's Fully Qualified Domain Name is

The Interface Name is bgroup0/0.

The Physical Address is 0:23:9c:81:10:e.