The RabbitMQ plugin manages RabbitMQ brokers, the virtual hosts within a broker, and RabbitMQ exchanges, queues, connections, and channels. The plugin can discover and manage multiple RabbitMQ nodes on the same platform as the vCenter Hyperic agent.

This section details the supported versions and requirements for the RabbitMQ plugin.

The table below lists the resource types in vCenter Hyperic that map to managed RabbitMQ entities. The right column indicates the inventory level for each type in the vCenter Hyperic inventory model.

To communicate with RabbitMQ over SSL, you must configure a keystore for the agent and manually import the RabbitMQ server's SSL certificate into the agent keystore if the server's certificate is unverified.

The RabbitMQ plugin can automatically discover and monitor one or more RabbitMQ nodes and associated Rabbit services running on a platform.

This section describes the management functions the RabbitMQ plugin performs for Rabbit MQ components.