A vCenter Hyperic super-user can use all the tc Runtime features of the vCenter Hypericuser interface. A user who logs on to the user interface as a non-super-user, requires specific permissions to be able to use the tc Runtime features.

In vCenter Hyperic, users are assigned roles that have associated permissions, such as View and Control.

Use this table to determine which role you should assign a user that will be managing tc Runtime instances.

vCenter Hyperic Roles and Permissions


Additional Effect on tc Server HQ Plug-in Features


Allows a user to:

View the deployed Web applications in the Views > Application Management tab .

View the current configuration of a tc Runtime instance in the Views > Server Configuration tab.


Allows a user to:

Use the application life-cycle commands of theViews > Application Management tab to start, stop, reload, or undeploy a Web application.

Update the fields in theViews > Server Configuration tab and then push the data to the configuration files associated with the tc Runtime instance, such as server.xml.


Allows a user to use the commands in the Control tab to start, stop, and restart a tc Runtime instance.