vCenter Hyperic's GemFire plugin manages a GemFire Distributed System (DS) and the servers and services it comprises.

The GemFire plugin supports GemFire v6.5.

The table below describes each GemFire resource type; the right column indicates the inventory level for a type in the vCenter Hyperic inventory model.

The GemFire plugin uses the GemFire JMX agent to obtain inventory properties and metrics for the GemFire components in a GemFire Distributed System (DS). You configure a vCenter Hyperic agent to communicate with the DS's JMX Agent. The vCenter Hyperic agent can run on the same platform as the JMX Agent, or on another platform.

This section details the GemFire resource types and management functions.

Perform these steps for each distributed system to be managed.

This section details the metrics for each GemFire resource type.

This topic details the GemFire events.

vCenter Hyperic's GemFire plugin provides a live data user interface for viewing metrics in real-time.