This topic details the GemFire management functions for GemFire distributed systems.

Management Functions for GemFire Distributed System

Management Function




The GemFire plugin does not automatically discover the platform resource - you explicitly create the resource, and configure it to connect to the JMX Agent for the DS, as described in the GemFire Configuration Instructions.


Metric Collection

The GemFireCollector class obtains data about DS membership and presents it as metrics for the platform resource. See GemFire Distributed System Metrics.


Event Tracking

If event tracking is configured for the DS, the AlertsPlugin class logs an event for each of the GemFire alert types listed in GemFire Events.

com.vmware.springsource.hyperic. plugin.gemfire.AlertsPlugin

Live Data

The GemFireLiveData class provides a live data-user interface for viewing member metrics in real-time. (As opposed to the Monitor tab for a GemFire component, which presents metrics that have been saved to the database). See vCenter Hyperic GemFire View.