You can configure tc Runtime Start settings, including configuring the JVM where the instance runs, minimum and maximum heap size, garbage collection, and debugging.

vCenter Hyperic populates the tc Runtime Start page with information from the CATALINA_HOME/bin/ file of the server instance you are configuring, specifically the JVM_OPTS environment variable. If you have not set the JVM_OPTS environment variable in this file, the fields in the Server Start page are empty.

You can add your own command line arguments to the JVM. Take care when adding your own arguments because vCenter Hyperic does not validate the options, but only adds them to the Java command that starts the tc Runtime instance. If you add them incorrectly, an error is returned when you start the tc Runtime instance.


Click the Server Start link on the Configuration tab of the tc Runtime configuration page.


Make your changes.

You can add your own JVM command line arguments by clicking the Advanced link and enter the arguments in the form -Xoptionvalue or -XX:option=value, separating options with a space.


Click Save.

Click Push in the Changes have been made locally window to write your changes to the tc Runtime configuration files. See Making Configuration Changes.