The vCenter Hyperic agent can auto-discover and manage Java application services that adhere to a specified ObjectName naming convention and expose a specified set of service data, using the Model MBeans.

You must configure your system to enable vCenter Hyperic monitoring.

Auto-discovery of custom MBeans enables you to monitor application services, and the hosting application server and its internal services.

Verify that your environment meets the specific requirements for vCenter Hyperic auto-discovery and management for Java application services.

If you have not already set up an MBean server, configure one, together with a JSR-160 connector. You create an MBean Server and associated JSR-160 connector by setting the relevant system properties at JVM startup.

You can create a MBean server for an application that runs as standalone, or for a container.

To ensure that MBeans are exported as a model Type, and that vCenter Hyperic discovers running services, you must edit the jmx-invoker-service.xml file.

Configuring application services as a vCenter Hyperic application requires you to prepare the environment and configure the application.

Use this information to name your model MBeans and their descriptors.