This setion provides general parameters for a JBoss server.

You cannot manage a JBoss server on the same machine as the vCenter Hyperic server.

JBoss 4.2 and later must run under Java 1.5 or later for vCenter Hyperic to be able to manage it.

The vCenter Hyperic agent can usually discover the location of Jboss. If the agent fails to discover a JBoss server, the following error occurs when you configure the server in vCenter Hyperic:

Invalid configuration: Plugin error: Plugin class not found:javax/management/MBeanException (invalid classpath or corrupt plugin jar)

If the error occurs:


Add the jboss.installpath property to the file for the agent.


Restart the vCenter Hyperic agent.

This section explains configuration tracking for JBoss. Note that configuration tracking for JBoss is disabled by default.

This section details the JBoss metrics.