This topic explains how to specify query statements that identify the processes you wish to monitor.

You specify a query statement that identifies the processes you wish to monitor. You specify queries using Process Table Query Language (PTQL), a simple query language for finding processes based based on their attributes.

PTQL queries take this form: Class.Attribute.operator=value


Class - is the name of the Sigar class minus the Proc prefix.

Attribute - is an attribute of the given Class, index into an array or key in a Map class.

Operator - is one of the following (for String values):

eq - Equal to value.

ne - Not equal to value.

ew - Ends with value.

sw - Starts with value.

ct - Contains value (substring).

re - Regular expression value matches.

Delimit queries with a comma.

For example, this query statement finds a JBoss instance by looking for a process whose name is "org.jboss.Main":


this query statement finds the OpenSSH daemon by looking for sshd PID file.