tc Server includes a full set of diagnostic features for troubleshooting problems with tc Runtime instances and the applications that you deploy to them. For each diagnostic feature, the tc Server plug-in has one or more corresponding preconfigured alerts.

After vCenter Hyperic triggers an alert associated with a diagnostic feature, it disables the alert until an administrator marks it as Fixed. You can configure an alert with additional control actions. You can also disable a preconfigured alert.

The permissions with which you are logged in to vCenter Hyperic determine the features in the vCenter Hyperic tc Server plug-in that you can access.

The preconfigured vCenter Hyperic alerts that are associated with the diagnostic features of tc Runtime work on one of two Hyperic resources, either the tc Runtime instance itself, or with a service of the tc Runtime instance. It is important that you know which service the alerts are associated with because it determines how you view, and optionally change, a specific alert.