This section provides information on the nature and functions of Spring Insight.

Spring Insight Operations captures Web application events known as traces. A trace represents a thread of execution. Traces are usually started by an HTTP request but can also be started by a background job. A trace contains operations, which represent significant points in the execution of the trace, for example, a JDBC query or transaction commit. Insight Operations uses trace data to calculate summary information that helps identify the root cause of application performance issues.

Insight Operations has a two-tiered architecture that consists of Spring Insight Dashboard and Spring Insight agent. tc Server instances that run production Web applications run the Spring Insight agent application. Insight Agent collects trace data and sends it to a single, dedicated tc Runtime instance running Spring Insight Dashboard. Insight Dashboard provides a user interface for monitoring applications across all servers and to get detailed statistics from individual servers.

This topic details the functionality of the vCenter Hyperic Spring Insight plugin.

This section details the supported versions and requirements for the Spring Insight plugin.

This section details the resource types in Hyperic that map to managed Spring Insight entities.

This section explains the requirements and parameters for installation of Spring Insight.

This sections provides instructions for configuring the Spring Insight plugin.

This section describes the management functions the Spring Insight plugin performs.

These sections definte the metrics for each Spring Insight resource type.

This section details the pre-configured alert definitions for Spring Insight Application resources.

This section explains the Spring Insight applications view.