This section explains the metrics reported for a remove service accoring to type.

The metrics reported for a remote service varies by type.

Availability - The vCenter Hyperic agent reports availability for any network service that it can can monitor. Availability is determined by various means, depending on the protocol used to communicate with the managed resource. This process typically consists of opening a socket, reading and writing from it, and closing it. For some services, this alone constitutes availability, for other services, availability is conditioned on response content, such as a response level or code. The type of request the agent issues to determine availability is protocol-dependent.

Response Time - Like availability, response time is reported for any network service that the vCenter Hyperic agent can monitor. Response time for a network service reflects the length of time (in ms) that the agent takes to determine service availability.

Connection Metrics - For service types that are purely connection-based, connection state metrics, obtained using netstat, are typically available. Note that connection metrics are not enabled by default. To collect connection metrics for a network service, enable them on the Monitoring Defaults page for the service type.