This section provides instructions to configure a platform of type "Network Device" to represent the device you wish to monitor, and select a vCenter Hyperic agent to collect device metrics.

To create a platform for teh remote device or host:


From the Tools menu select New Platform.


Enter a name for your platform.


From the Platform Type pulldown, select Network Device.


Enter the FQDN of the network device or host.


From the Agent Connection pulldown list, select the Hyperic agen that will monitor the SNMP device.


Enter the IP address of the network device.

Do not use, even if the device is local to the agent being used for the SNMP connection. The netmask or MAC address of the device or server may be required depending on the configuration of the device.


Click OK.

The Configuration Properties page for the Network Device platform appears.


On the Configuration Properties page, enter values for the options that apply to the version of SNMP you selected.

Configuration options are defined in Network Device Configuration Options.


Click OK.