The RabbitMQ plugin can automatically discover and monitor one or more RabbitMQ nodes and associated Rabbit services running on a platform.

You must run the vCenter Hyperic agent on same platform as the RabbitMQ nodes it will manage.

If you use the previous version of the RabbitMQ plugin, you must remove the existing RabbitMQ resources from from inventory and perform a fresh agent install.

This topic provides instructions for installing vCenter Hyperic agent.

The vCenter Hyperic agent on a platform automatically discovers each RabbitMQ node running on the platform. After the RabbitMQ node(s) are discovered, the platform appears in the Auto-Discovery portlet of the vCenter Hyperic dashboard and present the RabbitMQ nodes as new servers.

The RabbitMQ plugin supports log tracking for the RabbitMQ server resource type. By default, the plugin tails the standard RabbitMQ node log file, and logs an event for messages of level ERR.

These steps will allow you to tailor the plugin monitoring defaults.

This topic provides instructions for configuring alert definitions.