This section provides information on WebSphere configuration and metrics.

Hyperic's WebSphere plugin manages WebSphere Adminstration Servers and managed WebSphere instances using WebSphere's Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI). The WebSphere supported versions are 6.0, 6.1, and 7.0.

The plugin can manage multiple WebSphere instances on the same platform, but only instances of the same version. For instance, you use the plugin to manage multiple 6.0 instances, or multiple 6.1 instances, or multiple 7.0 instances. So, if you have instances of multiple versions running on the same platform you must configure the installation path of the version you wish to monitor.

Note that, at agent startup, the plugin must know the installation path for WebSphere in order to discover and manage server instances. This leads to another use case for configuring the WebSphere installation location. If it is possible that instances will not be up and running at agent startup, the plugin cannot itself determine the WebSphere installation path, so you must explicitly configure the installation path. Instructions are provided in WebSphere Configuration Instructions.

This section details the resource types that the WebSphere plugin manages.

This section provides instructions to configure WebSphere.

This section defines the management functions that the WebSphere supports for each managed resource type.

This section details the WebSphere metrics.