Sometimes, you might experience you get errors when trying to add an auto-discovered resource to the vCenter Hyperic server .

Use this process to add the resource.


Log onto the platform that hosts the resource that returns errors when you try to add it.


Stop the vCenter Hyperic agent.


Navigate to the HQ_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR directory, in which you installed the vCenter Hyperic agent.

For example on a Linux server, /opt/vmware/hyperic/agent-5.8.X.X-EE.


Remove the data directory.


Start the vCenter Hyperic agent.

The vCenter Hyperic agent operates as if the installation is new because it does not find the removed data directory. The start script navigates you through the configuration process for the vCenter Hyperic agent again. This often clears up the auto-discovery errors and allows you to again add all new auto-discovered resources.