After you have imported the PostgreSQL server, and configured the resource name format if required, you can configure PostgreSQL in vCenter Hyperic.


Navigate to the Configuration Properties page for the PostgreSQL server instance.


Enter the username for connecting to PostgreSQL in the postgresql.user text box.


Enter the password for connecting to PostgreSQL in the postgresql.password text box.


To limit the PostgreSQL tables that the agent discovers, enter a regular expression in the postgresql.table.regex text box.

The default value All discovers all tables.


To enable the discovery of PostgreSQL indexes, enter a regular expression in the postgresql.indexregex text box.

The default value, Off, means that no indexes are discovered.


To enable configuration tracking, select the server.config_track.enable checkbox.

Configuration tracking for PostgreSQL is disabled by default. See Auto-Discovery. To enable configuration tracking and how to specify which files to track, see the vCenter Hyperic Administration Guide.


(Optional) To auto-discover PostgreSQL services (databases, tables, and indexes) and databases, select the Autodiscover Databases, indexes, and other services checkbox.

Verify that metrics are collected in the Monitor tab.

vCenter Hyperic's PostgreSQL plug-in uses the PostgreSQL statistics collector to obtain metrics. Verify that the following parameter in PostgreSQLHome/data/postgresql.conf is set to Off.

track_counts = true

If you edit postgresql.conf, restart PostgreSQL after saving your changes.