The GemFire plugin uses the GemFire JMX agent to obtain inventory properties and metrics for the GemFire components in a GemFire Distributed System (DS). You configure a vCenter Hyperic agent to communicate with the DS's JMX Agent. The vCenter Hyperic agent can run on the same platform as the JMX Agent, or on another platform.

The key requirements for successfully managing GemFire components with Hyperic are:

The vCenter Hyperic agent must be able to connect to the JMX agent. If the vCenter Hyperic agent is on a different platform than the JMX agent for the DS, you must ensure that the vCenter Hyperic agent can connect to the JMX agent's RMI service.

Each GemFire member's statistic-sampling-enabled property (in its file) must be set to true. The default for the property is false.