This topic provides instructions for writing custom reports.

If you need reports that vCenter Hyperic does not provide, you can write your own. Report Center is based on JasperReports, and the templates are written in JasperReports' XML format, JRXML. To write a report template, vCenter Hyperic suggests you use the Java-based application IReport. Custom report templates must be in either JRXML format (generated from the content created in iReport) or compiled .jasper format. At this time compiled .jasper format is the only format supported when deploying new templates to vCenter Hyperic

To incorporate a new report template into Report Center

Because vCenter Hyperic reporting functionality uses JasperReports and only supports reporting generation using SQL queries against the Hyperic database, writing custom report templates requires familiarity with both JasperReports and the Hyperic database schema. Assistance with the creation of custom Reports may be provided by our Professional Services Organization. Please contact your sales account representative.

Running SQL against the production Hyperic database is not recommended, as it may have an impact on performance or compromise database integrity. An inefficient or improperly configured report query could compromise the database or affect performance.

The best practice is to run reports in a test environment during development and against a replicated production database.


Write a report template in JRXML or compiled Jasper format, being sure to specify any user-input parameters necessary for generating the report (for example, a date range).


Place the template (.jasper format only) in /hq-engine/hq-server/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/reportTemplates.


Log out of vCenter Hyperic and log back in.

The report appears in the report list.