The Currently Down Resources page, available on the Resource tab is lists resources that are not currently available, up to a maximum of 1000 resources.

The right pane of the Currently Down Resources pane lists resources that match the filter criteria selected in the Resource Types panel on the left, ordered by Down Time, from longest to shortest. Click a column header to sort by that column's contents — except for the "Alerts" column.

By default, the page will list up to 50 resources. You can choose to list up to 100, or up to 1000, using the Show Most Recent control.

The following data is shown for each resource on the list:

Resource — Name of the down resource. Click to view the resource's Indicators page.

Type — The resource's platform, server, or service type.

Down Since — The time at which the resource became unavailable.

Down Time — The length of time the resource has been unavailable.

Alerts — Click the icon in this column to see a list of alerts fired for the resource.