The Summary tab displays properties for the selected resource, and its parent resource, as applicable.

The Summary tab is available when any resource in the Inventory tab is selected.

When a vCenter Server instance is selected in the vSphere page, the Summary tab contains the name of the vCenter instance. You can view inventory and configuration properties for the vCenter instance in the Resource Hub — click view resource next to the resource name to view it in the Resource Hub.

The Summary tab for a vSphere Host displays the following properties:

Host Information





VMWare Version

Processor Details

Type of processor

CPU - Sockets and cores per socket

Network Details

IP address

Default gateway

DNS - primary and secondary DNS server

Summary Tab for vSphere VM The Summary tab for a vSphere VM displays the following VM properties:

VM Information

Hostname - of the vSphere Host (ESX platform) where the VM runs

Guest OS - operating system running in the VM

vCPU(s) - number of virtual processors in the VM

Memory - VM memory, in MB

MAC Address

IP - VM's IP address

VM Version - virtual machine hardware version

Tools Version - version of VMware Tools on the VM.

Config Details

ESX Host - IP address of the vSphere Host (ESX platform) where the VM runs

Resource Pool - resource pool with which the VM is associated

Config File - path to the the VM configuration (.vmx) file, expressed using the symbolic link path to the VMFS volume where the file is stored

Properties for the vSphere Host where the VM runs, described above in the Summary Tab for vSphere Hosts, are shown below the VM properties.

If the VM does not have an Hyperic Agent running in it, the Summary tab has a "Performance data not available" near the top of the page.

When you select a managed resource running in a VM, the Summary tab displays the vSphere Host and VM properties described in Summary tab for vSphere VM.

The contents of the Summary tab are updated once per minute.

To view inventory properties for the managed resource itself, click the view resource link next to the resource name to view the resource in the Resource Hub.


This information applies to a VM with a running Hyperic Agent that is managing resources in the VM. Otherwise, resources running in the VM do not appear in the HQ vSphere page.