The Problem Resources portlet lists resources that have recently fired an alert or out-of-bounds metric.

The Problem Resources portlet on the HQ Dashboard lists resources that, over a configured period of recent history, have either had a fired alert, or an out-of-bounds metric. An out-of-bounds metric is a metric that had a value outside the "acceptable" range of values set by the baselining process.


Tracking out-of-bounds metrics is a behavior that is configured globally, in the "Automatic Baseline Configuration Properties" section of the Administration > HQ Server Settings page. If tracking of OOB metrics is not enabled, OOB metrics will not cause a resource to appear in the Problem Resources portlet.

The following information is shown for each problem resource:

Current availability of the resource.

Number of alerts that have fired during the historical period.

Number of out-of-bounds metrics reported during the historical period.

Resources are ordered by inventory type (platform, server, and service), and then by the date and time of problem occurrence, from most recent to least recent.