You can view the top processes that are consuming resources at a point in time to identify the cause of a problem on a specific platform.

You view the metrics for the top processes by clicking a time point on the Platform Indicator chart for a specific platform. The Top Processes popup displays metrics for CPU usage, Free Memory and Load Average resources. The available metrics are the same on each tab, but are ordered differently according to the resource type. The listed processes might differ between tabs because the top processes might differ between the resources.

You enable the collection on the Resources tab.


On the Resources > Platforms > Inventory tab, click Edit to open the Configure Properties dialog box.


Under Monitoring, verify that the top_processes.enable checkbox is selected.


(Optional) Specify the number of processes for which the metrics are collected in the top_processes.number text box.

The default is ten processes.


Specify the interval between the metric collections in the top_processes.interval text box.

The default interval is one minute.


Click Ok to save your settings.

The values that you specified appear on the Resources tab under Configuration Properties.

When you click a time point on a Platform Indicator chart, the Top Processes popup appears. If the platform was only recently discovered, so has not been running for very long, the processes might not appear. You can change the metric display range to 60 minutes to see the top processes over the last minutes.