The vCenter Hyperic dashboard is the first page displayed in the Hyperic user interface when you log on.This topic describes its various components.

The vCenter Hyperic dashboard is the first page displayed in the vCenter Hyperic user interface when you log on. The dashboard contains multiple portlets, each of which presents a particular type of information, such as resource health, recent alerts, recently discovered resource or changes to resources, recently performed resource control actions, and so on.

You can personalize the dashboard to suit your responsibilities and preferences; you can add or remove portlets, rearrange them, and customize the contents of many of the portlets.

In vCenter Hyperic, you can have multiple dashboards - one for each role to which you are assigned. For more information, see .

Note also that in vCenter Hyperic, the roles you are assigned to govern what resource data appears in dashboard portlets. Portlets will contain only the resource data to which your Hyperic roles allows access.

This topic lists the different portlets available in the Hyperic Dashboard, and their descriptions.

This topic describes how to customize the vCenter Hyperic dashboard.

The Auto-Discovery portlet on the vCenter Hyperic Dashboard lists recently added or modified platforms and servers, and allows an authorized user to view discovery details, and to import the new or changed resource data to the database.

The Availability Summary portlet presents the availability of selected resources by resource type. The portlet is empty until you configure the resources to include.

The Control Actions portlet displays information about recent control actions performed on resources over a configurable period of recent history.

The Favorite Resources portlet lists the name, resource type, current availability, and total fired alerts for selected resources.

The Group Alerts Summary portlet displays traffic light indicators for resource alerts and group alerts for selected groups.

The Metric Viewer portlet displays a selected metric for selected resources of the same resource type.

The Problem Resources portlet lists resources that have recently fired an alert or out-of-bounds metric.

The Recent Alerts portlet presents a list of recently fired alerts.

The Saved Charts portlet allows you to view charts of interest from the dashboard.

The Summary Counts portlet on the HQ Dashboard shows resource counts by inventory type, and if configured to do so, counts for selected resource types.