This topic provides instructions for viewing a list of control actions that were performed on a resource.


Navigate to the resource in the Resource Hub.


Click the Control tab, which is present only if vCenter Hyperic supports control action for the selected resource type.


Click History.

The Control History page lists the following information for actions that were performed on the resources:

Control Action — The action performed.

Arguments — Arguments supplied to the control action.

Command State — Status of the action: Completed, In Progress, or Failed.

Date Started — Date and time that the control action was initiated.

Elapsed Time — How long it took to perform the control action.

User — User name of the vCenter Hyperic user who initiated or scheduled the control action.

Message — (optional) Additional information about the control action.

To delete a control action, place a checkmark next to it in the list, and click Delete at the bottom of the page.