The Application Management page enables an authorized user to manage applications deployed that server instance or group.

The Application Management page is available when a tc Runtime instance or a group of tc Runtime instances is selected.

The HQ super-user can use all the tc Runtime Application Management features of the user interface.  If, however, you log on to the user interface as a non-super-user, then that user must have certain permissions to be able to use the tc Runtime features. 

An HQ group is not equivalent or similar to a tc Runtime cluster.

An HQ group is a set of other managed resources. An authorized user can create a group and assign resources to it. A group whose members are all of the same resource type is referred to as a compatible group. You can manage and monitor the resources in a compatible group at the group level. Grouping tc Runtime instances allows you manage applications across multiple tc Runtime instances.

A tc Runtime cluster enables session replication. Clustering behavior is defined in a tc Runtime instance's server.xml file.