This topic provides information about the Map control.

The Map control, available when a resource is selected in the user interface, presents a graphical view of the current resource and resources that are related to it. The map illustrates hierarchical inventory relationships, and a resource's membership in groups or applications.

A resource map shows the name and resource type of currently selected resource in orange font. Child or member resources are shown above the selected resources; parent or containing resource is shown below.

In the example below,

The name of the currently selected resource is in orange font. In the example, the resource is a server type:  "ActiveMQ Embedded 5.3".

The resources listed above the current resource are its children --- assuming it has children.  If the currently selected resource is a service type, it would not have children.   

The resource below the current resource is its parent --- assuming it has a parent.  If the currently selected resource is a platform type, it would have no parent.

Each resource name is a link; click the link to navigate to the Indicators page for that resource.  

The resource type for each resource is shown below the resource name.

You can map a:




compatible group