These topics describe how to use the Resources tab component of the VMware vCenter Hyperic user interface.

This topic describes the Browse page.

This section discusses the various types charts and graphs available in the Inidcators minitab.

The Metric Data minitab, available when an individual resource, or a group of resources of the same type are selected, is a tabular summary of the measurements collected during the currently selected metric display range.

The Resources minitab includes the following information.

By default, the last 8 hours of history are presented on the Indicators page and other views in the Monitor tab. There are two ways to change the display range.

This topic provides information about the metric data charts.

This topic provides information about understanding full-page charts.

This topic provides information about the Map control.

This page allows you to predict future values of a metric for the members of group based on historical metrics. 

You can view the top processes that are consuming resources at a point in time to identify the cause of a problem on a specific platform.