This topic provides instructions for running Live Exec.


Navigate to a platform, or a group of platforms in the Resource Hub.


Click the resource's Views tab.


Click Live Exec.

Available queries are listed in the lefthand page of the Live Exec page.

If the selected resource is a group, the individual platforms in the group appear as well. You can select individual platforms within the group.


Select a command from the Please select a query to run pulldown.

Command results appear in the righthand side of the page.

If the resource is an individual platform, the results pane includes its name, with the name of the platform and the selected command listed about the data table.

If the resource is a group:

If a member of the group has not previously been selected, click next to a specific platform now. That platform will be displayed first by default for subsequent commands.

If a member of a group is not available, click next to the resource to display the reason why it is unavailable.

To view the real-time data for another platform in the group, click next to that platform. The platform for which data is currently being displayed is highlighted at the left.

If the agent cannot reach the platform, an error message is displayed.