You must perform several tasks to install the vCenter Hyperic agent.

The tasks must be performed in this order.


Before you can install the vCenter Hyperic agent, you must perform preparatory tasks.


You can download the vCenter Hyperic agent in a variety of packages.


Prior to first agent startup, you can define the properties that enable the vCenter Hyperic agent and vCenter Hyperic server to communicate with each other, and other agent behaviors, in the file of an agent, . There are a number of steps to complete the configuration.


You can configure the vCenter Hyperic agent to initiate all communications with the server. You configure unidirectional communications at first startup. Unidirectional communications are always via SSL.


You can configure your own keystore for the vCenter Hyperic agent to use, instead of having the agent generate and use a self-signed certificate for SSL communication with the vCenter Hyperic server.


The agent configuration dialog appears in the shell when you launch a vCenter Hyperic agent that lacks the configuration values that specify the location of the vCenter Hyperic server. The dialog queries for the address and port of the vCenter Hyperic server, and other connection-related data.