Although vCenter Hyperic automatically encrypts some property values, such as for a keystore password, you can encrypt agent property values yourself.

You specify the encryption values in the file. Following a successful initial startup of the vCenter Hyperic agent, credentials are stored in the agent's /data directory. Each time the agent is restarted, it looks first in that directory for server connection details. It does not look directly in the file.

To encrypt values after the agent has been started the first time, you must stop the agent and delete the agent's /data directory. You then make the changes in the properties file and restart the agent, as if it is being started for the first time.

Verify that the vCenter Hyperic agent can access AgentHome/conf/agent.scu. Following the encryption of any agent-to-server connection properties, the agent must be able to access this file to start.


Stop the vCenter Hyperic agent.


Go to AgentHome and delete the /data directory.


In the file, locate agent.setup.camPword= and type a password using a plain text value.


Save the file.


Restart the agent.

The /data directory is recreated. The plain text value in the file is encrypted. If you open this file you will see the encrypted value has replace the plain text value that you entered.

If your agent deployment strategy involves distributing a standard file to all agents, you must also distribute agent.scu. See Install Multiple vCenter Hyperic Agents Simultaneously.