You can create a single properties file that contains property values that are used by multiple agents.

To enable mass agent deployment, you create an file that defines the agent properties required for the agent to start up and connect with the vCenter Hyperic server. If you supply the necessary information in the properties file, each vCenter Hyperic agent will locate its setup configuration at startup, rather than prompting you for the location. You can create a standard agent profile that you can copy to the agent installation, or to a location available to the agent installation.

Verify that the prerequisites in Install Multiple vCenter Hyperic Agents Simultaneously have been satisfied.


Create an file in HqUserHome/.hq on the install server.


Configure the properties as required. The minimum configuration is the IP address and port of the vCenter Hyperic install server.

Do not specify values for the agent listen address and port. At first startup, if explicit values for IP address and port are not set, the vCenter Hyperic agent - which detects the network interfaces on the platform - uses the first detected interface as its listen address, and port 2144 or 2443 as its listen port, depending on whether you configure the agent for plain text or SSL communications.


Save your configurations.

The first time that the agents are started, they read the file to identify the server connection information, will connect to the server and register themselves.