If you specified that the vCenter Hyperic agent use unidirectional communication with the vCenter Hyperic server, you can revert the setting so that it uses bidirectional communication.

As an alternative to this procedure, you can specify bidirectional communications via the agent prompt that appears at startup.


Stop the agent.


Remove the agent's \data directory.

If you remove the \data directory, at next startup, the agent checks its agent.properties file for the startup settings that it requires to connect to the server. If the properties file does not contain the startup settings, it opens a shell to prompt for them.


In the agent.properties file, set setagent.setup.unidirectional=no, and start the agent.


In the user interface, on the Inventory tab of the platform, navigate to Type & Network Properties and click Edit.

The Agent Connection menu shows the currently selected port for unidirectional communications. For example,, where is the IP address of the platform, and -1 is the unidirectional port number previously used.


Expand the menu and select the entry that shows the same IP address, and 2144 as the port number.

For example,

If you configured a port number other than the default, select the entry with that port number.

The agent uses bidirectional communication with the server.