Setting the vCenter Hyperic database requires you to complete a number of processes in a specific order, as described here.

You are not required to set up the database if you are deploying the vCenter Hyperic vApp or if you are going to use the embedded PostgreSQL database.

In large environments, set up the vCenter Hyperic database on a dedicated platform.

Verify that you have the necessary host machine requirements for setting up the database. See vCenter Hyperic Supported Configurations and System Requirements.


You install PostgreSQL on RHEL 5.


Depending on your environment, you might want to select a location other than the default for data files. For example, you might want to store data files on a volume with plenty of space for housekeeping operations.


As postgres user, you can update your bash configuration file.


You must configure specific properties in the postgresql.conf file.


PostgreSQL client authentication is defined in the pg_hba.conf file, which contains records that specify allowed connection types, users, client IP addresses, and the authentication method.


You must create an account that the vCenter Hyperic Server will use to connect to the vCenter Hyperic database.