You can create a vCenter Hyperic vApp in your virtual cloud from a vApp template using VMware vCloud Director.

To deploy a vCenter Hyperic vApp using vCloud Director requires you to complete the following procedures, in the order specified below.

The vCenter Hyperic server and vCenter Hyperic database OVF files must have been uploaded to a vCloud catalog to which you have access.

Your browser must be configured appropriately for accessing and using the vCloud web-based console. See vCloud Director User Guide for information.

You must be a competent vCloud Director user.


To deploy a vCenter Hyperic vApp using vCloud Director, you must first create and configure the vApp in vCloud Director.


After you have created your vCenter Hyperic vApp, you must update the vCenter Hyperic server with vCenter Hyperic database location and then power on the vCenter Hyperic server.