If the vCenter Hyperic server fails to start, it might be due to problems with the PostgreSQL configuration.

Check the PostgreSQL logs for connection failures or errors.

(Optional) Troubleshoot connection issues using the command telnet <dbserver hostname> 5432 from the vCenter Hyperic server host.

(Optional) If network connections to the database fail, troubleshoot the issue in PostgreSQL log files using the UNIX® tail command with the -f parameter.

tail -f displays the lines at the end of a file, and additional log messages that follow to the terminal. This is useful for watching log files, or any other file that might be appended over time. Failed connection messages are written to the following files:



(Optional) If thevCenter Hyperic server fails to connect to the PostgreSQL database, determine if there is a firewall issue by turning off the firewall on RHEL or CentOS and running the /etc/init.d/iptables stop command as root.