This property configures the location of the vCenter Hyperic server's SSL keystore.

Supply the full path to the keystore. The password for the keystore is defined by the server.keystore.password property.

The vCenter Hyperic installer (in -full mode), prompts for the values of server.keystore.path and server.keystore.password and stores the responses in hq-server.conf.

On Windows platforms, specify the path to the keystore using Unix-style syntax. To use specify a full Windows path:

Replace back slashes with forward slashes.

Put a forward slash at the beginning of the path (before the drive letter.)

If the path contains spaces, put a backslash before each space in the path For example, to specify this Windows path using Unix syntax C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\keystore and change it to /C:/Documents\ and\ Settings/Desktop/keystore.

The initial value of server.keystore.path is set, based on the response to the installation dialog when you run the vCenter Hyperic installer in -full mode, depending on how you respond to the following prompt:

Would you like us to use a user managed java keystore?

If the response is yes, the installer prompts for the path and password for your keystore, and saves the values supplied in server.keystore.path (this property) and server.keystore.password, respectively.

If the response is no, the installer sets the value of server.keystore.path to server.keystore.path=ServerHome/conf/hyperic.keystore, which is the default location for the self-signed certificate that the vCenter Hyperic server generates at first startup, and sets server.keystore.password to the default password.