To auto-discover certain products under Solaris 10, the vCenter Hyperic agent must run as root, or you must grant additional permissions to the account where the agent runs.

Under Solaris 10's Least Privilege Model (LPM), default privileges are minimal. The vCenter Hyperic agent must be able to read ./proc/$pid/ files on the platform.

Problems with auto-discovery on Solaris 10 might be the result of insufficient privileges. Depending on your account privilege implementation you might need to grant the proc_zone privilege to the agent account.

For example, you could add the following line to /etc/user_attr, to grant the proc_owner privilege to the vCenter Hyperic user and to deny the proc_session privilege:


After changing account privileges, you need to re-login. Your approach tp enabling agent access to /proc/$pid/ files is dependent on your company's LPM implementation and best practices.