You can monitor your vCenter Hyperic agents and tune them to your requirements. You can view the status of all the agents, view the metrics of a specific agent and reduce the memory footprint of an agent.

You can view the health status of your vCenter Hyperic agents, including the number of platforms an agent monitors, the number of resource metrics that an agent collects, and the number of licenses consumed by an agent.

A vCenter Hyperic agent monitors itself. You can tailor the metric collection settings for an agent, use agent metrics to troubleshoot problems, and base alerts on agent metrics or events.

The Indicators page for an agent charts the agent's indicator metrics.

The Metric Data page for an agent displays all of the metrics collected for the agent.

This table lists the metrics that can be collected for a vCenter Hyperic agent.

There are various options you can employ to reduce the amount of memory an agent uses.