There are several common sources of problems that might prevent your failover configuration from running.

Note the following potential causes of failure of the failover configuration.

Multicast blocking: The cluster detection and cache peer detection relies on multicast. Verify that your router is not blocking multicast packets, otherwise the vCenter Hyperic cluster will fail to initialize correctly. It is also common for virtualization technologies like VMware and Xen to not enable multicast by default.

Do not register agents using the loopback address. If you install a vCenter Hyperic agent on the same machine as a vCenter Hyperic server node, when you specify the IP address the server must use to contact the agent, do not specify loopback address (

If alerts that were currently being triggered or were being escalated were lost, a failover to another cluster node might have occurred in the middle of the alerts being triggered or escalated. The alert state can be lost.