This property controls whether or a warning is issued when a vCenter Hyperic agent presents an SSL certificate that is not in the server's keystore and is either self-signed or signed by a different certificate authority than the one that signed the server's SSL certificate.

if accept.unverified.certificates=false, as it is by default, the following warning is issued:

The server to agent communication channel is using a self-signed certificate and could not be verified
Are you sure you want to continue connecting? [default=no]: yes 

If you respond yes, the server imports the agent's certificate, and trusts it in the future.


Do NOT set accept.unverified.certificates=true unless ALL agents reporting to the vCenter Hyperic server have been upgraded to vCenter HypericHyperic 4.6, or later.

If accept.unverified.certificates is "true", the server automatically accepts and imports the certificate presented by a vCenter Hyperic agent, and does not issue a warning if an agent presents a certificate that the server does not trust.