Several tasks are required to create and configure a server cluster that you can use as a failover.

This process assumes that you do not already have a vCenter Hyperic installation.


You install the vCenter Hyperic server using the process described in the vCenter Hyperic Installation Guide.


You create additional vCenter Hyperic server nodes in a similar way to the first server installation, but change some parameters during the installation process.


You must configure the cluster-related properties on each of the vCenter Hyperic servers in a cluster.


Configure the load balancer, according to the vendor or supplier instructions. Procedures vary, but at a minimum you will identify the vCenter Hyperic server nodes in the cluster and the failover behavior.


The vCenter Hyperic agents in your environment communicate with the vCenter Hyperic server cluster through the load balancer. When you start up a newly installed agent, either supply the load balancer listen address and port interactively, or specify the connection information in the file.


After you have completed the installation and configuration of all the servers in the cluster, and the load balancer, you must start all the server nodes.