You can use notification throttling to limit the number of alert email actions (notifications sent by email for a triggered alert) that vCenter Hyperic issues in a 15 second interval.

When the specified threshold is reached, vCenter Hyperic stops sending email alert notifications and instead sends a summary of alert activity every ten minutes to the recipients that you specify.

After starting to throttle, vCenter Hyperic re-evaluates the notification volume for triggered alerts every 10 minutes. When it determines that the per-interval volume of individual notifications that triggered alerts would generate is less than the specified threshold, vCenter Hyperic resumes sending individual notifications.


Go to Administration > Server Settings > Notification Throttling Configuration Properties and click Notification Throttling ON.


In the Threshold text box, type the maximum number of notifications to send in a 15 second interval.


Type one or more email addresses for notification recipients in the Notification Email(s) text box.


Restart vCenter Hyperic.