This topic provides instructions for creating a platform in vCenter Hyperic.

Operating system platform types are auto-discovered and cannot be manually added to inventory. The only platform types you can manually add to inventory are:

Cisco IOS


GemFire Distributed System

NetApp Filer

Network Device

VMWare VI3 Host

Network Host

VMWare vSphere Host

VMWare vSphere VM

Xen Host

To add a platform to the inventory using the user interface:


Click New Platform on the Tools menu under Browse > Resource.


On the New Platform page, enter the following:




Platform Type - Select the platform type from the list. Once you create the platform, you cannot change its type.

Full Qualified Domain Name

Agent Connection - The IP address:port pair of the agent the proxied connection to this platform should go through. When a platform is created manually (on this screen), the platform cannot or does not run an agent itself, and therefore the agent must connect to the platform via proxy. The list contains the IP address:port pairs from all the currently deployed Agents.

IP Address

MAC Address



Click OK.

Configure Platform for Monitoring - After creating the new platform, you may need supply values for one or more configuration properties. See the resource's Inventory page for configuration options and requirements.